Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time to Travel

It's August 28th, and in 4 days we are leaving Sedona. I am sad to leave behind the Red Rocks but am excited to see Santa Fe again, Colorado, friends in Connecticut and family in Pennsylvania! I will do my best to post as we travel!

The following are pictures from a year ago! We have been in Sedona for nearly a year....I've learned so much about Me! And We have gained a new family member, lost one (Kelso) And been on an adventure of a lifetime! There has much healing and soul searching here. I know we will return in November, but as I say goodbye to the desert i feel I am saying goodbye to part of me. I believe Ron feels this way also. And I know Brigid does! Maya has never been out of Arizona! She loves to travel and is looking forward to meeting new friends!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beauty Speed

The breeze filters through the weeping trees. Each tree thanking this beauty speed. The ground waits in anticipation, the dirt thirsty for rain, the moon shines and calls; it begins to rain. I am waiting for something perhaps it's myself. I feel my aching body connected to earth and wonder if suffering will cease on this earth plane we visit. Everyday I feel closer to something what is it? I know it is Source, God, Beauty, Nature, and Universe. I see the connection I feel the truth. It seems to wrap me in comfort and soothe my broken heart. At times it may seem and feel we are alone, yet beauty captures us and calls us her own. I write these words without judgment or scorn. I can no longer hold back the emotion and knowledge. They seem to be one: wisdom ~ emotion. Like the sea and the shore they dance and connect. I think its the contrast that serves us the best! Some see chaos as evil, but I wonder if it's only to show us the healing potential we have within.

Memories that Remind and Renew

I was reminded recently by a beautiful person that animals have work to do here on Earth, even after death. A few years ago I had a beautiful rabbit named Mocha. When he was very ill I had to end his life. After he was gone I wrote this quickly down on a piece of paper. Mocha was a beautiful soul. I adopted him when he was already an older rabbit. His previous owners had not taken care of him and he had extreme dental problems. After a costly operation and removal of teeth, he still suffered daily. When I brought him to the vet to watch him go to sleep forever, I realized as he was dying it was not the end for him. I actually saw a light around him when he died. It was as if I could see his soul leave his body. It was a very humbling experience and I never doubted that animals had souls. But when I saw this miracle before my eyes I have to admit I was amazed. Thank you Mocha.
Thrashing for life
breaths short yet strong
Body free now
Soul gone
Life ~ Life ~ Life
Born again to the ground
Fern and moss
covered and still
Run in the wind, legs quick and sharp
alive again dodging logs and trees
Breeze ~ Sky ~ Water
Grass, soft and lush
A bird to the sun and start again
You die to be born again
I felt you soul
Saw its form
You will always live now

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Love is the Most Powerful Medicine

by Ram Dass

One day in India on my second stay, Maharaji said to me, “You don’t have to change anybody; you just have to love them”. In relationships, when the other person doesn’t fit into your model of how heaven would be, you don’t have to play God. You just have to love individual differences and appreciate them the way they are. Because love is the most powerful medicine.
The key is that you aren’t even doing it manipulatively: “I love you, now change.” You’re looking at another being, just the way they are, and saying, “Let me appreciate God’s perfection.” You lost the key?  Great. You forgot to pick up the laundry? Right. If each of us is separate, and yet each of us is part of the whole, but we got lost a little bit into dualism and we’re finding our way back out, every time we’re in the presence of unconditional love, we remember. And when we remember, we open. And when we open, the light pours through us.
If you became a person who could love unconditionally, everyone you love would flower before your very eyes. Every way you look would be light. That’s one of the fringe benefits of this method. It’s breathtaking. At every level.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brigid and Maya

She's sleeping and I love her restful eyes and soft breathing fur
She's dreaming and I can capture these subconscious thoughts of endless fields and climbing rocks
She's perfect and I sigh
her tiny eyes and wet nose
She's in my life and I'm grateful,
feeling she is part of me and I am a mother to this special beast
they love me and I'm in bliss
the love from these two dogs completes my soul and soothes my mind
Forever bringing me joy.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Art Gallery Thoughts

Feeling the Elements
Taking them in: Streaming
Elements of Time
Elements of Nature
The Source of all ~ The Force
the ability to speak through pen and paper
Through Canvas and Paint
the ideas of man
the emotions of woman
the art
the eyes
Staring and Blank ~ Haunted
Envisioned within the canvas of the mind
I can see the truth

Rock Me Mother

Darkness in the voice, terror in the energy. It's difficult to escape the threat of our peace within being swept away ~ swallowed and stolen. Breathe and smile, resting within. There is a knowing, a turning, an allowance of stillness. Find the quiet, the soft rain, the breathing trees, the sighing dog. Thank the quiet, care for Her, love Her, embrace Her. The calm will rock you and Mother you forever.

Art: Wound Turned into Light

"At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity." (Rachel Naomi Remen, MD)
 "Creativity healed me. I don’t know that I could think of any word that I get more inspired by than the word healing." ~ SARK

"Making art is like giving a gift: evidence of your spirit and that you are here."
~ Patty Mitchell
"The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit."
~ Angeles Arrien


Peace Moments

A moment of peace
Passing though me like wind
She is beauty washing my mind
He is strength creating my body
All is One within each other
I am energy
And Spirit
All One