Sunday, November 13, 2016

"Nature's Escape"

How beautiful to escape into the heart of Nature. She rescued me from the rush of the world and brings me to the next. I painted this during the aftermath of the 2016 election. The hatred and violence is still lingering but I hold fast to Holy Spirit and embrace the gift of God: the Escape of Nature.

"Fall Moon"

I painted this after watching the moon rise above the huge pine tree in my parents backyard. The crickets in my mothers flower garden were welcoming the moon as she danced at dusk. She had a pink hue circling around her, a preparation I'm sure for tonight's super moon. She was dressing for this event in the most glorious way.

"The Essence of Fall"

I painted this after a beautiful hike. Fall is my favorite season and I can literally hear a chorus of colors dancing during the changing of the trees leaves. I see so many eyes in the forest this time of year. perhaps they are fairies dancing before the winter snows.

"Lady Land"

Sacred Elephant Painting

Resting in Your Spirit

Resting in your spirit I find peace within. Through Nature I see You. Your guidance is unmistakable as I dip my brush I feel You in each stroke and the paint on my fingers leaves evidence of your Presence. 

I hope this art piece brings you calm energy and inspiration and knowing God loves us all and nurtures us through Nature.

14x7 inches ~ gallery wrapped canvas. 

Blessings and Peace.