Friday, June 15, 2018

Nature offers healing

It's been a long time since i wrote for this blog and please excuse me as my writing is rusty I feel. I have hard a very tough year of illness and last month I thought I was recovering and maybe had even escaped it all as I felt so well, but sadly no, I am back to pain again. The weather is beautiful today I'm wishing for rain because when its raining I feel I have an "excuse" for resting. I was never good at "being sick" my mind is active and wanting to kayak, hike, travel, and anything physical with this beautiful weather. It's hard to talk about illness and people generally don't like to face it. Artists are not expected to be sick. It's better to disappear from social media and remain quiet until you are feeling better. People don't like to hear a person is ill or not feeling well.  I think it reminds them that they too could face it.  I have been struggling for years with autoimmune disease and now I have new struggle to add to the list, endometriosis. I had a surgery in march and was hoping I could walk away from anymore surgery with natural medicine and all the wonderful gardening the spring and summer brings! I was so excited when last month I actually felt well for more days than usual but sadly none of this lasted.

Being sick and learning how to be sick is a challenge. It's a lot of accepting and being and counting blessings.  It's a lot of looking at the beauty around you and trying to experience it because when in pain it is a struggle to actually see beauty. But today i made a decision to snap some pics and share the beauty I was seeing. I didn't want this apset of myself to disappear too!  I hope they bring a little joy to your heart. To see this beauty and experience it is a gift I take for granted to often. And nature always offers this free gift to us. Nature is perfect in her design and God truly is the greatest artist of all. Good day my friends. Be well.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

"Nature's Escape"

How beautiful to escape into the heart of Nature. She rescued me from the rush of the world and brings me to the next. I painted this during the aftermath of the 2016 election. The hatred and violence is still lingering but I hold fast to Holy Spirit and embrace the gift of God: the Escape of Nature.

"Fall Moon"

I painted this after watching the moon rise above the huge pine tree in my parents backyard. The crickets in my mothers flower garden were welcoming the moon as she danced at dusk. She had a pink hue circling around her, a preparation I'm sure for tonight's super moon. She was dressing for this event in the most glorious way.

"The Essence of Fall"

I painted this after a beautiful hike. Fall is my favorite season and I can literally hear a chorus of colors dancing during the changing of the trees leaves. I see so many eyes in the forest this time of year. perhaps they are fairies dancing before the winter snows.

"Lady Land"

Sacred Elephant Painting

Resting in Your Spirit

Resting in your spirit I find peace within. Through Nature I see You. Your guidance is unmistakable as I dip my brush I feel You in each stroke and the paint on my fingers leaves evidence of your Presence. 

I hope this art piece brings you calm energy and inspiration and knowing God loves us all and nurtures us through Nature.

14x7 inches ~ gallery wrapped canvas. 

Blessings and Peace.