Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eating from the Earth

This week has been a strange journey! I was on the Raw food diet for 10 days, and it was very wonderful and very terrible!  I had to eat animals again, which made me very sad. I think because of my blood type and because I have other health issues related to thyroid (or so I have been told) I need animal protein. However! I am not eating chicken anymore. I only eat tuna, salmon, and bison or buffalo. All of these meats are anti inflammatory and seem to agree with my stomach! However..cooked food does not sit well with me. My body seems to love raw food! It seems my body has a mind of its own these days :~) I miss cooked food and I miss eating out....but! I do feel a clearness I have never felt before! So, I don't have any wisdom really about food and eating. All I know is ~ If you long for good health, a better relationship with food and the earth and Nature ~ then LISTEN to your body! Your body will tell you what is needs! Do not listen to any one person. Listen only to you. You are the only one who knows what you need. When going raw...I may still need animal protein at times. But try to eat clean and organic and say thank you to the animals!
As you eat raw veggies and fruits ~ wow it is great! To cut open a piece of fruit and know it is whole and beautiful and REAL! So much of life now is fake, so much is a lie! But we still have Organic fruits and vegetables! We can rest knowing these perfect gifts from the Earth will nourish us and make us feel alive!
Happy Eating!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mother Moon ~ Muse of Night

The Moon is calling me and begging for my company
She pulls and beckons ~ Reaching my Heart
As the night passes slowly She continues to Awaken me
Asking me to rise and create but my brain says sleep
Morning comes again and I remember her polite request
The long night of creation that rolled into the morning sun
Will try again as it is Her time to rise.