Monday, December 30, 2013

Colossal Love

In the quiet moments of the "usual" we spirit beings will find peace and knowing. Just as falling in love may take us by surprise, the spiritual "knowing" will creep up on our inner souls and wrap us with arms of beauty and love. Suddenly we know. We know God is all around and through us. A great colossal knowing of Love is all we need to continue on our journey of spirit.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice

On this Winter Solstice the chill in the air seems to be more than just that of a temperature change. The weather has changed here in Sedona, it is cold and damp with rain that's been falling for the last few days. But there is more then a weather shift occurring, it seems the Earth is weeping. Perhaps it is my own personal life only, but no, it seems to be Universal, it feels Universal. Many people are shifting and changing all at once and there have been sudden deaths and sicknesses on the rise. I am shivering a bit as I sit with all of my animals by my little Christmas tree and I wonder if anyone else can feel this shift? It doesn't seem like Christmas. I hope these changes are quick to transform. At times it can seem life is over bearing, a burden, an emotion of heaviness and mistrust. Yet I know as I took my walk today and saw the lovely pinks and reds that caressed the sky life is a precious gift. We as humans have an amazing scope of vision. We can experience and see the burdens, the gifts, and the memories all intertwined at once and the ride can sometimes be overwhelming. I wish all of you today a Sacred and Blessed Winter Solstice and a Merry Christmas. Open your heart to all emotions and love. Open your mind and your soul and let the flood of everything possible fill you. All is a gift.