Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life Path

Lift the veil and peer within
the thorns are sharp and unpleasant on the skin
the soul feeds on light but fire brews beside it
the mystics call this God
the Christians call it satan
the Buddhists recognize the breath as part of the whole, and sit in silence ~ still and motionless
so many flavors and I am sifting through these paths
I see the peace within so many and the kindness that they spread
they are not all Christians but most are Christ like
my thoughts are jumbled and lengthy ~ I spend hours with theology and science
no one can explain love
no one can label grace
there is no name for God ~
the nameless
the love
the beauty
this is all the breath of God the taste of ecstasy
in this mystical transition I ask for guidance
the deepest understanding I have found:
there is no other