Monday, April 22, 2013

On Earth Day

Moon bright and beautiful talking softly to the Earth
Whispering your love and sweetness while you light the way
Green trees reaching and adoring
Fireflies flitting and dancing in your glorious light of truth
Coyote stop and smell the night air ~ appreciate the cool April breeze
Dog feel the stir of passion and your want to run the night away
Human listen tonight as your heart opens and the movement of song embraces
 your mind and soul
Oh moon oh moon we love you
Thank you for the lessons of this month
The trials, the wars teach us,
That the peace within is where the heart speaks

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Raw Diet for Pets

Today I am sitting and watching with joy as my two dogs eat raw! I mean of course, raw meat! Maya is doing wonderful with it and took right to eating what I sat in front of her. At first Brigid was a little  uneasy but if I browned the meat a little she would eat immediately! Now she is eating raw all on her own! I can actually say it is joyful and amazing to watch dogs eat as they were meant to eat. It is a feeling of connecting them to their ancestors and relative the wolf! I also am happy that Brigid enjoys meal time now. For many years she has always turned her head to almost anything I fed her even cooked food! I have tried every food with any credibility on the market ~ Wellness, Blue, Merrick, Organix, and the list goes on and on! She never liked anything I gave her! I cooked for her for years and at first she would enjoy a meal, but back again to "I hate meal time" look. And Brigid, in spite of all these so called "great" pet foods, always had health issues.

So one day after eating raw myself and reading about all the health benefits of a raw food diet for humans (not raw meat) I was feeding the usual "high quality" canned pet food and mixing it with dry kibble; when I suddenly had a thought: how can this food be nourishing my dogs? I know its cooked and canned and over processed. Even with all these added vitamins and minerals how can this be the very best for my dogs? What's going to keep them alive longer? What's going to keep vet bills down? I began cooking for my two dogs again. They both loved the food. I would cook beef and chicken with veggies, powdered egg shell, coconut oil. But something was still missing. Maya had the most terrible breath. And Brigid just seemed sluggish and ill tempered. So I began to research raw. And what I found was truly amazing! I put Maya on the diet immediately. Her breath cleared up in two days. Her coat started to look shiny and beautiful. She enjoyed her meal as she chewed the meat off the bone and then for another hour cleaned her teeth on the bone that remained. I did not have to buy dog chews anymore. Most dog chews are terrible for your dog! They are either full of gluten and corn or plastic! Greenies are the most awful disservice you could do the pet you love! They do not digest and can sit in the animals gut for years!!! And believe me I have done the terrible and unfortunate deed of giving all these chews and treats to Brigid. It was around the time of pet food recall with all the China made chicken strips that were "made in America" that I would not let any "treat" go into my dog unless it was GRAIN free, organic free range, and absolutely MADE IN AMERICA. And just a side note ~ just because it is made in America does not mean its edible or good for your dog. Most pet food are not human grade, and so not made in human grade facilities. And this can lead to some terrible health issues. And why do you want you dog eating food not fit for human consumption? Dogs were never meant to eat corn, rice, wheat, or any grains. And the other very important part about buying commercial dog food, even the very best, it is an act of supporting factory farming. Which is another horrendous topic! Every dollar we spend sends a message!

Feeding your dog (or cat) raw is not difficult! Once you do a little reading you will see it is very simple and more affordable than dog food. Here I would like to share with you some links that I hope will be helpful! Thank you for reading! :~)

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