Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Raging Waters ~ Calming Trees

Allowing the self to be immersed in Earth is the flow of gratitude and submission
The waters welling within the crazed thoughts of indifference and unity
The opposites of frequency that hold our hearts intact

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Coral, crystal, glass, and turquioise ~ ! So, So, So, BEAUTIFUL!!!! Very Unique. Stones from New Mexico and Arizona
This Necklace can be purchased through my Etsy Shop or my website ~


A beautiful blend of turquoise and cinnabar. This unique necklace is finished with copper and glass. Just over 19.5 inches. Named after the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Destiny! This Necklace can be purchased through my Website or Etsy  ~

Mother Ocean

Mother Ocean was created with turquoise and mother of pearl. Simple and elegant! (turquoise is from Arizona) This bracelet can be purchased through my Etsy Shop or Website ~

Spirit Journey

Spirit Journey is a symbol for those who are facing life with a mindful love for the soul, God, and Nature. Created with tigers eye, red creek jasper, and a beautiful Labyrinth center piece, I believe you will find this necklace to be one of a kind!!! This necklace can be purchased through my Etsy Shop or Website ~

2nd Reiki Attunement

I Painted this after my 2nd Reiki Attunement. This painting has been with me for a long time and I am happy to finally share her! Many blessings and Love to the person who includes this piece in their home! 30"X40" Acrylics on Canvas.
This Painting can be purchased through Etsy or my website ~

Moon Dream

 I painted this after a night drive ~ The "Long Night Moon" ~ The full moon of December created a beautiful glow over the mountains and wrapped me in her comfort. No Need for a frame, painted on all sides with 1.5" "frame" ~ 10"X8"X1.5"
This Painting Can be Purchased through Etsy or my website ~

Zebra Flower

This is a Zebra Flower! A creation I felt I had to create in the strangeness of a desert life!
4"X4"X1" No need to frame, painted on all sides. Perfect for hanging or for a shelf! ;~)
This Painting can be purchased on Etsy or my website ~

Sacred Sunset

Acrylics on Canvas ~ 24"X18"

This Painting can be purchased through Etsy or my website ~

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Cold Day

Cold days of snow and chilling wind continue to embrace me and my thoughts. Creating is inevitable as I feel each cold day blend into the next and I love to stay under the covers and warm my bones. Although I feel like staying in the RV I find comfort in this as the days flow. Daily freezing of pipes and having no water do not put fear in me. I could stay in this simple mind set of hibernation for many days to come as I embrace this unusual cold winter weather in the desert.

Desert Winter


Maya a little angel rescued from the Humane Society about a week ago! We are keeping busy training and loving this little one, so I have not been blogging much. I wanted to share her with all of you. She has been through terrible times ~ Found on the streets, attacked by a dog at the shelter, and clearly a human had neglected her in some awful ways. But now she is here with us! Brigid is still not in a sharing mood, but I believe little by little, day by day Maya and Brigid will make peace.
 First Day at the dog park

 First Bath!
 First Hike!