Thursday, July 19, 2012

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

RV Adventures! ~To Upstate NY ~

 Madison And Me! My beautiful niece!
 US! Me! Ron! Briggy!
 The Amazing Vitamix!
 Madison performing her original music! She is so amazing!
 I love cooking in our RV! Grass Fed Steak ~
 My Baby
 On our way to the farmer's market
 So much Love
 Farmers Market!
 KAYAKING!!! My 1st Time!
 This is my sister's view! Wow.
 My Briggy loved NY!
 At the Stream...magical
 So cool on a hot day
 We are enjoying ourselves!
Brigid loves swimming! 

 Our Home!
 My beautiful sister Jennifer
 John And Jen! Love you both!

 John singing Dylan
 Ron giving us a wonderful gift! MUSIC! He was amazing.

Was a great trip!

Alone Time

At times I am so disheartened at the loss I feel talking to people. I always thought of humans as being the highest life form, above all else we had intelligence and the ability to love and have compassion for others. I held many people in my mind to be as gods; all powerful, knowing more then most. Knowledge was the key to everything and all could be explained. I am sad now to say people frequently let me down...and I'd like to say wonderful statements that inspire and make one feel great about the human race but I cannot.

I am at peace with myself, with the animals and nature around me; and I am fine with being alone most of the time. I find more and more I am drained by human life! I meet someone, I interact with someone, and I am drained after, feeling lifeless almost, full of pain. Perhaps it is because I am an empath. Maybe it's because I want to be separate from the world and mostly from society. I do love our Mother Earth so dearly. I don't want to be separated from her. But I am thinking more and more there may be something wrong with my thinking. I may have a "mental" illness or some sort of socialization problem. But then when I am around people I think I am much more polite and kind then most, I carry myself well...what is it then? Why am i so weird or different or both?

I've come to the conclusion I am not any of those things: weird, different, mental, I am simply a strong minded individual who thinks deeply about life and what it means to be alive. Notice I did not say what it means to be "human" When I was vegan i felt this strongly. Now I again feel this strong knowing and wisdom that humans are not the "highest" and that we are all one. I am very thankful for the animals I eat. It pains me to eat them. I still have not found a way to escape this. However, I still do not think this is proof we are better then animals, trees, and nature all around us.

Maybe since I've been self employed I have come to know myself better. And maybe its stronger then this...maybe it is the time we are living in, perhaps a time where we can truly see ourselves face to face without hesitation or lies.

Yes, when I'm alone this is what i think of, and I begin to be filled again with the Spirit.