Saturday, November 5, 2016

My Art is for God

Creating art is my communion with God. I have been judged recently by some Christians telling me that abstract art is channeling. If I am channeling the Spirit of God then I can only pray it would transfer to my art! What have all the great mystics done? I can think of no greater joy than expressing myself through art. My art is all for God. For Jesus Christ. We are all deeply rooted in this Earth. We are all connected to it. I used to express myself mostly through words but as I grow closer to God I feel more and more I need to express myself through color. All of my creations are simply a tiny drop of explanation in showing how I am rooted here because God has created me from Earth and breathed LIFE into me! All of us! We are all children of God. In this great spiritual war that is beginning to become more intense by the day we must arm ourselves against evil we must chose life. we must choose to worship our Lord and Saviour. Arguing the little details and holding anger and fear within us will not bring us closer to Truth. I hope my art does not offend. it is my Truth dancing in a world of fear and evil but also a world that IS created by God and it's a beautiful world that I am so grateful for. Nature and animals have so much to teach us and they are so close to the Creator. May we all live our passions for our God in the best way we know how and let go of fear and hatred and embrace peace.

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